Testimonial 1

I had an estate taxation matter and was in need of an appraisal for my family's industrial building and another of a single family home.  Hector Monge at H H Appraisal & Brokerage Company (HHABCo) was always available and accessible to answer all my questions.  Going through a difficult time for my family and I, Hector made the process really easy.  I would highly recommend Hector Monge and H H Appraisal & Brokerage Company.

Veronica R.


Testimonial 2

Hector at HHABCo provided a business appraisal for me that was both insightful and detailed.  He was very responsive and very knowledgeable when addresing all of my questions and concerns.

Brandon J.



Testimonial 3

Hector Monge from H H Appraisal & Brokerage Company (HHABCo) was instrumental in providing outstanding service and advice during our acquisition of multiple properties that were purchased under budget and in the specified time frame. We will continue to use HHABCo and highly recommend HHABCo to others.

Robert and Jeanette W.


Testimonial 4

During a time when I required a business appraisal for litigation purposes I turned to Hector Monge at H H Appraisal and Brokerage Company.  He produced a valuation report that was instrumental in my litigation matter.  I would turn to him again and refer Hector Monge to anyone needing an appraiser.  Hector Monge is professional, knowledgeable and courteous.

Aileen V.


Testimonial 5

Hector is the best!  I needed a business appraisal of my technology company for a litigation matter and Hector Monge at H H Appraisal & Brokerage Company provided me with superb appraisal services.  I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Hector Monge and his professional services.

David Y.


Testimonial 6

I wanted to thank you for your professional appraisal and for working with my tight timeline. If you ever need a reference you can have them call me anytime. I will assure your potential customers of your extensive research and quality of your timely report.

Again, I and my family thank you.

Gabriel R.


Testimonial 7

We had a need for an expert witness, and my attorney and I turned to Hector Monge from H H Appraisal & Brokerage Company.  We had a number of changes with court dates and Mr. Monge was very accommodating with the changing timeline. He also took the time to discuss the valuation process with me, which helped us make informed decisions in regards to our litigation matter.   I would highly recommend Hector Monge and H H Appraisal & Brokerage Company for your appraisal and expert witness needs.

Arturo T.

Testimonial 8

Mr. Monge at H H appraisal and Brokerage Company helped me find and purchase my home. He demonstrated to be very knowledge about property appraisals and was able to advise me which house would be the best value.  It was a great experience working with him.  Waldo  F.

Testimonial 9

I was looking for a business value expert due to a divorce issue. I found H H Appraisal & Brokerage Company on Internet. With just one phone call contact, I decided to go with H H. I found it very impressive that Hector is such a knowledgeable, hard working and responsible professional. He also offers flexible schedules to accommodated with court dates. Fees are very reasonable too. I'm very satisfied with his service, and I have already referred H H Appraisal & Brokerage Company to other people and will continue to do so in the future.

Sherry X.

Testimonial 10

In going through a divorce, I needed a business appraisal to use in mediation. My attorney found Hector Monge at H H Appraisal and Brokerage Company (HHABCo) online, and after one phone call, recommended I talk to him. Hector was professional, prompt, thorough, knowledgeable, polite, and available for telephone conferences when needed. His fee was very reasonable, and his efforts were crucial to the fair settlement I received. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a business appraisal.


Cesca T.

Testimonial 11

My husband and I are both busy doctors and we were looking for a high-valued home in the La Jolla area.  We turned to Hector Monge at H H Appraisal and Brokerage Company, and we are very glad we did so.  Mr. Monge was very professional and he was able to accommodate to our schedule and guided us in the purchase of this important investment for our family.  His background, which includes both appraisals and brokerage, was instrumental in advising us in purchasing our home for us and our daughters.   

Adarezza F.

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