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H H Appraisal and Brokerage

About Us

about us


The H H Appraisal and brokerage company provides consultation, valuation and brokerage services in both real estate and business matters

Consultation can be provided nationwide and internationally in the areas of business valuations & business transactions as well as in real estate and machinery and equipment matters.

Certified business appraisals can be provided for businesses of various sizes and structures nationwide and internationally.

Certified real estate appraisals can be provided for realty in California, and in some cases in others states.

Brokerage of businesses & real estate are offered in California, but as stated consultation in these matters are offered nationwide & internationally.

Business Philosophy


The H H Appraisal and Brokerage Company strives to serve the client both professionally and personably. Granted, there are larger companies, but this company will provide quality service and you can always contact the principal owner, H. Hector Monge at 619-302-6200 for advice or for discussing services.
The founder of the company, H. Hector Monge, believes that experience, knowledge and training in one area contributes in ones performance in related areas. This is the reason that H H Appraisal and Brokerage Company both values and sells businesses. Knowing the value of a business increases the knowledge in selling a business or representing a party interested in purchasing a business. Additionally, selling and acquiring businesses give invaluable insight in appraising a business interest. The same philosophy holds true in the real estate world. To take it a step further, the founder believes that businesses and real estate are often intertwined. For example, a commercial building’s value is based on the strength of businesses that are current and potential tenants. Because of this philosophy, the founder has acquired experience and training in business entities and real estate in the disciplines of appraising and brokering.



It is the mission of H H Appraisal and Brokerage Company to be able to offer individuals and companies consultation, appraisal and brokerage services in any matters involving real estate, business entities and machinery and equipment. This mission includes matters from buying a home or a small business to selling a commercial property or a corporation.  The vision also includes appraising a  condominium, home or a small business to valuing a commercial property or a partnership or corporation. Call us today to discuss how we can help you in your endeavors.